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Little Lawyer 370x250
小律师 大梦想


This journey introduces our child to the legal world alongside their beloved moms and dads, fostering an adventurous spirit. Let them experience the significance of law while playing, laying the foundation for their growth while embracing the concept of walking hand in hand with the law.
Swim 370x250

Making Waves Together

<Making Waves Together> aims to enhance the bond between parents and children, fostering a deep sense of trust. Through parental guidance and companionship, children are empowered to explore the aquatic world with confidence and joy, experiencing both security and excitement.

Little Skin Medicator 370x250

Little Skin Medicator

<Little Skin Mediator> activity foster understanding between parents and children, educating the latter about the significance of proper skincare. Concurrently, parents can engage in skincare learning sessions with their children, instilling in them healthy skincare habits.

FC 370x250

Fruit Cesarean

Cesarean section is like cutting a fruit open. By simulating the pattern of cutting fruits, it illustrates how mothers undergo cesarean surgery to deliver babies. This can help children understand the risks of cesarean section and the sacrifices mothers make, promoting gratitude and cherishing the efforts of parents.

Organic 370x250

Exploring Nature

Encouraging children to have close contact with nature promotes their understanding and respect for the natural world. By observing the beauty and wonders of nature, children can cultivate awareness of environmental protection and learn to cherish natural resources.

Memoriescent 370x250


The experiences, emotions, and memories created when families spend time together are the most unique flavor between parents and children. Let's create a taste that belongs only to you and your little one together!

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